Practicing, Glenn Kurtz

Maravilloso y delicado libro sobre el amor, la pérdida, la música y el sentido de la vida. 
Tan personal y a la vez universal, único.

"I was wrong about Weeping Willow. The main theme is not mournful, or not just mournful. There is a deep, dark joyousness in it that I don´t think I´ve ever heard, or have ever been ready to hear before. This music knows how much is at stake, how close to heartbreak we are in every moment. It knows how fragile are the great moments in our lives, how quickly our most profound experiences are lost in the grasping pettiness of every day. These are the same notes as earlier, the same fingerings and phrases. And yet the familiar music unfolds in revelation. This is the last time the theme will sound. It holds everything that has come before, letting it go with such sorrow, such poignant regret, with such grace and acceptance. The music knows that each moment is irretrievably lost. And yet paradoxically, loss makes the music whole.”